Evidence Based Grassroots Advocacy

Outsiders can help, but insiders must do the job.

Dr. Y.C. James Yen

IIRR is a global leader in community led and participatory development since 2018

We amplify the voices of poor communities by promoting active citizenship.  We organize them so that they collectively have a stronger voice to speak for themselves, their families and communities. We take bottom up grassroots approach as partners with the affected communities and all other stakeholders like government officials, traditional and religious leaders, parents, educators, local organizations and parent associations on the ground to guide public policy initiatives. We build local leadership capacity to lead innovative, practical and lasting solutions using a community-led development approach to bring lasting change around the world.  We believe that these communities can solve their problems with minimum outside support of technical “know-how” that will start them on the path to lasting development. Our global advocacy is guided by proven success and evidence based that the approaches and technologies are tested and and are scalable.
Activities include:

  • Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Round Table Discussions and Symposiums
  • South-South learning and exchange
  • Documentation using writeshops, packaging and dissemination
  • E-Books, Publications and Reports
  • Coalition and Partnership Building
  • Forming and strengthening people’s organizations (clubs, associations, cooperatives)  that will amplify the voice of the poor
  • Together with communities we build models that can be replicated and scaled